WebTools from Findmeonline.TeL help you to have a stronger presence online, because today we measure success with internet time!

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.Tel Domains combine all social-media, online directory, marketing and digital business cards!   This is not just a webspace  or website, but a digital business card, phone book and information portal on your hands…

Share any information you want to share with others (family, friends, customers, others.) and you can change it  at anytime.  Easy steps to change, redirect, and make the information available over the internet and the service is still free!

You can even have your own online eCommerce store, products or services and charge with Paypal, Credit Cards, etc.

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Vox Direct Communications Specialist

We provide the best and most complete  reliable Communications Tool for both Customers and Business Owners on advertising, online marketing, social-media campaigns and Loyalty or CRM solution…

You might ask if this is too complicated or difficult to maintain?

Think again…your own cellphone!

VoxDirect.com is here!

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Get your own .ME and use the built-in tool kit to launch a site that brings all your online activities to one spot.

.MOBI connects with the mobile generation . Make your site easy to read on smartphones and other handheld devices with .MOBI.

Need Assistance or Specialized Support? Assisted Services, Free Consultation and a convenient monthly fee for ongoing support!

Online Directories, Blogs, Website creation, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other Social-media tools!

Boost response and customer confidence with affordable Services from us!

Grow your business with a beautiful website. Our Design Wizard makes it as easy as drag and drop! Includes all you need to get online.

Secure your site. Boost response and customer confidence with an affordable Turbo or High Assurance SSL Certificate.

Power of WordPress® and our Web Hosting to create your own personal, state-of-the-art blog.

Fast, reliable, private, secure and spam-free! Free web-based email software included.

Website Design, Updates, Online Marketing and Social-media!

Get your own .CO and use the built-in toolkit to launch a site that brings all your online activities to one spot.

.CO domain is not only easy-to-remember but widely associated with “COmpany”, “COrporation”, “COmmunity”, and “COmmerce”.

Search Engine Visibility – Attract visitors and increase sales by improving your rank on Google® and more!

Get everything you need to build, manage, and market your own successful online store!

Make your domain registration private – protect yourself from spam, scams, prying eyes and worse!

Everything you need to give your website the reliable, high-performance home it deserves.

Quick Shopping Cart®Creating an online store is easy. Just choose a design, add your products and start selling!
Everything you need to open your own online store.  You don’t need technical skills to build a successful Web store.  Quick Shopping Cart makes it easy to create an eye-catching store that accepts credit cards, integrates with Google® and eBay® and offers multiple shipping options – all with no set-up fees!  

Online Storage
Keep your files safe and accessible with our secure cloud storage. Perfect for backing up and sharing important files.  

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Se Habla USA!


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    • We can also assist you to transfer your existing Domains Name, design and publish your content online if you need might help.

    As a Shopify Partner, we develop online stores such as SolarDeal, currently under the Shopify and Oberlo Business Platform.

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