Customized Online Shopping

We have the best customized online shopping solution for you.  We have a dedicated website with exclusive products that you use on a daily basis.

We also partner with the best Companies that provide many of the products and services that you find at your favorite stores.

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Vox Direct Communications Specialist

We provide the best and most complete  reliable Communications Tool for both Customers and Business Owners on advertising, online marketing, social-media campaigns and Loyalty or CRM solution…

You might ask if this is too complicated or difficult to maintain?

Think again…your own cellphone!

Text “Join” to 866-694-9515 today!


Solar Energy Advisor

Your Solar Energy System is an Investment where you can receive up to a 26 percent federal tax credits!

This Federal credit tax will continue to drop down to 22 percent and finally altogether.

Simply put, we help you pay less for electricity for the years to come!

As a Solar Consultant we will complete the initial complementary Solar Energy Analysis in your house to determine if you will benefit of Solar Power.

Right after that study we will coordinate all the activities related to the Solar Installation including design, permits, changes, reviews, installation and approvals from your city and electricity provider.

Contact us for a free estimate reply to this message today or learn more.


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Business Consultant Services

Any Business, including new Business startups, must have a well defined Business Plan, that includes Customer Service and Human Resources Logistics, Online and Local Marketing Strategy, Sales Engineering, Retail Channel Distributions, Failure and Success Projections, Accounting and Finance, Competition Analysis, Quality or Continuous Improvement and Maintainability or Sustainability. Contact us to help you meet your goals Today – Se habla USA!
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Direct Sales Services

Direct Sales is still the best simple solution to use as a business platform to start any business with no major investments, no overheads, no need of payroll and employee services.
You can simply use it to learn leadership, customer service, business essential’s requirements to succeed in the marketplace.

There literately hundreds of companies in the market, but we have chosen one company as a business case because of their leadership, long time in business, innovation and global expansion to international markets. Contact us!


Ayuda en Español!

Mas informacion en nuestro idioma sobre la mas reciente pagina de internet, el dominio Punto.Tel donde combinamos lo simplistico del Social-media con el website tradicionalEstamos esperando su llamada!
Weebly es la forma más sencilla de crear un sitio web, una tienda o un blog


Online Business or Personal Directory

Reserve your Personal Name, Product, Service, Business or Activities with a unique online Business Card and digital directory! Get your own name for your .Tel Website – Se habla USA!
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Business Affiliate Programs

More about Products, Services, Companies providing a rewarding customer experience to meet your consumer needs!
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e-Commerce, Websites, Online Stores and Marketing

We are proud to partner with GoDaddy and Google to offer you SEO (Search Engine Optimization, PPC (Pay-per-click campaign management) and Content Development.

Reserve your online unique Business or Personal name with us, create your website, host your online services, including online marketing, data analytics, and e-commerce for your online store.

As a Shopify Partner, we develop online stores such as SolarDeal, currently under the Shopify and Oberlo Business Platform.

Keep in mind we do Social-media and Online Marketing Services as well, these are certainly the best systems available today that will boost your Business sales, Products and Services.


VistaPrint for online marketing needs, printing and promotional items

Customized pens, business cards, calendars, t-shirts, car magnets, hats, and much more.  Visit VistaPrint Today!

Use Social Media to Connect with Your Customers – Let Deluxe Help You – Se habla USA!
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Because Life Is Short And Valuable To Everyone

Your online presence makes the difference between finding a new job, a better career, a deserved promotion, a memorable life event, a great purchase, a profitable sale, a lovely vacation or simply the unforgettable time to share and celebrate joy with others!


Not Just Services, But Connection Services

We are all connected in many different ways and special circumstances that make our own special moments and life events meaningful, but only when we share, learn and grow together!



Welcome to Your Life-Connected-World!


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  1. Solar Energy Systems are expected to increase by the end of the year.

    Year 2019 is the final year American consumers can receive a 30 percent federal tax credit for installing Solar Energy in their homes.

    This Federal credit tax will drop to 26 percent in 2020, then 22 percent in 2021 and finally dropping altogether!

    Remember, prices for Solar Power, materials and installation have dropped dramatically in the last years.

    Contact Carlos Gordian to learn more on how to reduce your electricity bills by switching to Solar Energy.

    Simply put, we help you pay less for electricity for the years to come…

    For a free estimate reply to this message today or learn more at http://www.WebPages.TeL!

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