Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Become an Entrepreneur, Business Affiliate, Freelancer, Contractor or simply work from Home!

1. Lead the nationwide effort to provide a reliable Communications Tool for both Customers and Business Owners on advertising, online marketing, social-media campaigns and Loyalty or CRM solution…

Think again… is here!

Text “Join” to 866-694-9515 today!


2. What about a Solar Independent Representative, Advisor or Consultant?

Home owners can receive up to 26 percent federal tax credit for installing Solar Energy in their homes!

Your new Solar Opportunity provides you multiple resources to share this information with potential customers and assist them in the process all the way through the Solar System installation.

This is a Win-Win Situation, where customers do not pay any front costs, installation or extra fees, but you are paid as a Business Affiliate through the process!

Contact Carlos Gordian to learn more, no investment or money down required!

Simply put, we help Home owners and Electricity consumers to pay less for electricity for the years to come…

For a free estimate reply to this message today or learn more from our Solar blog.

3. Online Store – Own a Website to offer Products or Services from you or other Stores, Businesses!

4. Promote your own Talents, Skills or Services including other people…

5. Beauty Expert (Skin,Hair and face)

6. Instacart (Get paid to shop for others)

7. Become the next ecommerce expert, become a Shopify Partner!

8. Online Marketing Consultant (Lead Sales, Campaigns, Content Management, etc.)

9. Printing and Marketing Consultant (Promotional, Advertising ideas)

10. Sales Engineer

11. Solar Sales

12. Sports Nutrition Expert (Vitamins and Healthy Supplements)

13. Team Group Lead

14. Uber Driver (Get paid to ride others in your car!)

15. Vitamins and Supplements Expert

16. Personal Assistant or Developer

The Perfect Gift!




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  1. Looking for a job or a new career…? Become a Solar Entrepreneur!

    First, you need to find the right people, tools, training, and a system or methodology reliable and trustful.

    Second, you need to understand the Solar Industry, the electrical companies and business players including Solar providers in your area.

    Third, launch your new career with support from the best leaders, sales and marketing team in the Solar Energy business.

    We are currently looking for Business Partners that care about our planet Earth and want to take the responsibility to educate others about how Clean Renewable Sustainable Solar Energy can save money, create jobs, improve the economy, reduce contamination and possibly increase the value of their homes.

    This is a Green Business Opportunity for you and this is the right time…contact us today!

  2. There are many ways these days to generate income, not just part-time or full-time jobs!

    If you need flexibility to set your own working hours, days and nights you got many more working opportunities than ever.

    Contact us us to learn more or leave your comments here…

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