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“the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit (the new business opportunities have encouraged entrepreneurship on a grand scale)”. Powered by Oxford Dictionaries · © Oxford University Press · Translation by Bing Translator


What Would You Like to Learn Today? 1,000’s of Courses Available on Lorman.com.   Someone said before that “Small Businesses used to drive the United States Economy, but you might argue with me that in today’s Global-Sharing-Economy, the entrepreneurs are leading the world economy instead.  Lack of knowledge or things or things to do is not an excuse anymore…

Remember, the ideal time for entrepreneurship is when you are still employed or have a job, but if you have to create the opportunity, we can help you!

Here are some opportunities available that we encourage to study and consider their risks and potential success before you do it. This list is based on personal experience and from other sources available to the public.

Business and self-employment Opportunities From Our Partnerships:

1. Powur is using the “UBER” Business model to disrupt the Energy Market and help to save the Planet with Renewable Solar Power instead!

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2. Shopify, the ecommerce platform made for you.  This is the best online platform for your Business, Products or Services.   Learn more…

3. Uber is a smartphone app that makes it easy to get paid for driving your own car to assist others that need a ride.  We personality tested the service and payment system was efficient and reliable.  Empower yourself to choose the hours you need  on a daily basis.  Visit UBER!

4. Amway is a direct and network marketing company where you are in control of your Products, Services, Clients and Finances.  Company put a lot of emphasis in leadership, consistency, online tools, local support and business direction for more than 50 years.  Contact us for more information!

5. LegalShield protects you from IDTheft, legal matters and prohibited expenses from attorneys fees!  Every time you pay online, use credit cards, login into the internet and send and receive texts and emails you are exposed to fraud and illegal practices from undesired parties.  You get paid to refer new members and associates.  Learn more on how to get paid on a daily basis!

6. Instacard is a delivery service for local stores including Publix Super Markets, CVS, Petco and ABC Fine Wine & Spirits.  You simply get paid for shopping and delivering groceries.  Visit our information website to learn more!

7. VistaPrint for your Marketing, Promotional and Printing needs…more than just invitations and business cards!  Learn more about VistaPrint here!

8. FreeLancer, as a self-employee or simply by variety of work-from-home services such as Gordian.Market and much more!

 Earn cash at InboxDollars playing Games, completing Surveys and much more!


Contact us to include your Business, Products or Services here.   Visit our Marketplace for more deals, discounts and special offers:

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Pets and more
Publix, Where Shopping Is A Pleasure!
Smart House and Home Automation
Solar Energy, Solar Power and DIY
Special Gifts
Supplements and Vitamins
Sports Equipment, etc.
Target Stores
Toys and Games…
Travel and Vacation
VistaPrint Promotional Ideas
Websites and more…

6 Commments

  1. It is that time of the year…what is your new resolution for year 2019?

    We just changed our focus and came with a new resolution for year 2019 on Data, Connectivity, Intelligent Products, Customized Services and Virtual Stores.

    Computers, electronics and quality of life is finally connecting and working for you!

    Stay tuned…

  2. Become a Solar Entrepreneur!

    First, you need to find the right people, tools, training, and a system or methodology reliable and trustful.

    Second, you need to understand the Solar Industry, the electrical companies and business players including Solar providers in your area.

    Third, launch your new career with support from the best leaders, sales and marketing team in the Solar Energy business.

    We are currently looking for Business Partners that care about our planet Earth and want to take the responsibility to educate others about how Clean Renewable Sustainable Solar Energy can save money, create jobs, improve the economy, reduce contamination and possibly increase the value of their homes.

    This is a Green Business Opportunity for you and this is the right time…contact us today!

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