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February is the month of friendship, love, hope and prosperity!

We have became an intellectual and social society that demands perfection and fairness.  The world is hoping for better leaders and politicians to embrace the new challenges of technology, poverty, health and justice.

Artificial Intelligence is controlling many phases of our lives and in many cases we are still trying to find a better algorithm to get it to work more effective and efficiently.  It is a matter of time…

Businesses are stronger than ever and the Global Sharing Economy of Businesses, Products And Services is starting to make sense.  We just need to continue to support the most vulnerable and embrace a new world of continuous life changes.

Students, teachers, kids, families, friends, mothers and fathers you are not alone…we are all with you even thou we have differences and cannot agree on how to stop the violence and terrorism, we just need to understand  that it is time to disagree and commit to make our country, schools and neighborhoods a safer place to be!

Gordian.Market is wishing you Peace, Love and Greatness in 2018 and beyond!

Easter is another reason to celebrate with delicious and healthy snacks…

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