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We are so thankful for being able to learn and apply many marketing concepts, online advertising tools and business techniques for our own personal success.

According to the definition of Global citizenship, we all have the rights, responsibilities and duties that come with being a member of the global entity as a citizen of our particular nation.

The idea is that one’s identity transcends geography or political borders and that responsibilities or rights are derived from membership in a broader class: “humanity“.

This does not mean that we denounces or waives our nationality or other local identity, but we join efforts in a global community.

Speaking about resolutions…[powr-holiday-countdown id=c540038f_1511031020081]
Year 2018 comes with many challenges and hopes for a better World, perhaps a better Universe…

Extended, the idea leads to questions about the state of global society in the age of globalization.  The scientific community and some Earth conservation activists demand more solutions to our own created problem of “Global Warning”.  In general usage, the term may have much the same meaning as “world citizen” or cosmopolitan, but it also has additional, specialized meanings in differing contexts. Various organizations, such as the World Service Authority, have advocated global citizenship.

Gordian.Market is committed to your personal and business success through Global citizenship!

Together, we are starting to enjoy a new “real-life-marketing movement” that is just being rediscovered…

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